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Q: Laravel, get the value of user How can i get the value of user in home.blade.php i have tried it like this but it doesn't work {{$user->firstName}} Thanks A: In a Laravel view you access the current user using the Auth class, like this: {{ Auth::user()->firstName }} If you are using the default Auth class and your user is not logged in, the Auth instance will return null. If this is the case, then to check for a logged in user you can use Auth::check(). Q: How to keep log4j output when running a jar from command line? I'm running some JSP reports from the command line. They are calling a service which is using log4j to do it's logging. I would like to see the output of the logging. Currently I get a null pointer exception when trying to log. I'm new to java and I'm not sure how I can keep the output of the log4j calls from the command line. Any ideas? You will need to set System.setProperty("java.util.logging.manager", "org.apache.log4j.jmx.RMIJLoggManager"); in your main() function. The System properties are inherited from the JVM settings. See also this related Q&A: How to make log4j logging visible in console? STL, STD Sort by a vector of float in descending order I have a vector>, which contains numbers in the format of {x, y} {x, z}. I want to sort this vector by ascending order by the second element, then descending order by the second element. My output should be {x, z} {z, y}. My current code is sort(vector.begin(), vector.end(), [](vector::iterator first, vector::iterator second) { return first->second > second->second; }); This, however, does not work, as this is different from std::sort. It looks like you are trying to sort the vector of vectors by the second element of the vector of floats. To do this,




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Professor Rashid Munir Sex Scandal In Gomal University phiwash

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