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Mighty Raju - Rio Calling Movie Download In Tamil Dubbed Hindi




!ot | fer fer: #ubuntu is the Ubuntu support channel, for all Ubuntu-related support questions. Please use #ubuntu-offtopic for other topics (though our!guidelines apply there too). Thanks! go oops, sorry! lol rcec2: no problem ok szal...I'm on unity and can't use irssi without a window in front of the text here BluesKaj: sudo apt-get install irssi-proxy BluesKaj: and then run irssi fer: That's really weird. How do you even load the IRL connection? I'm the only user. B0bsF1sh: same B0bsF1sh: your mouse is connected to the usb port ok szal, but the connection is through the phone, is irssi-proxy going to connect irssi on the pc or the phone fer: No, it's through the WiFi adapter. The PC and phone are running the same OS and I've tried both. B0bsF1sh: on the pc or the phone? BluesKaj: PC, obviously fer: The PC. BluesKaj: why would the phone be involved in this? ok szal, is there a gui, B0bsF1sh: then i don't know fer: I also tried the VM. Same. fer: How do you normally load the connection? BluesKaj: uhm, irssi-proxy is the program running on the phone, see it's description @ launchpad B0bsF1sh:




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Mighty Raju - Rio Calling Movie Download In Tamil Dubbed Hindi

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