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Thank You for Another Year

Some of us have experienced many losses this year, significant ones, and anxiety, too. It was an emotionally complex year, to say the least.

It hurt, didn’t it?

It really did. Overwhelming. We had to look at everything with new eyes, as one big human family. It was essential. How we did things, where we lived, how we lived, how we impacted the climate, how we cared for one another, and, how we loved.

Did we hold back, consciously or unconsciously? Did we regret something, someone, we could have been more compassionate toward, checked in with more frequently? Did we lose that person during the pandemic? Did we go into hiding? Would we give anything to get that person back? Yes. 100 times, yes.

I lost six friends & former co-workers during 2020 and three in the last three months of 2021, including a dear, precious cousin. I’d give anything to hug him again.

In 2022, I declare that I will do better. I won’t procrastinate. I will tell that person: I love you. You matter to me. You are special. You enriched my life!

I’m going to give out love the way the 99 cent Store gives out balloons! I have decided, from here on in, to love everyone. End of story.

In 2022, my motto is: “Listen. Listen. Love. Love.”

Thank you to our extraordinary nurses and doctors and the administrators of the hospitals where we are treated. Thank you to the chaplains, the custodians, the radiologists, the physical & speech therapists, the social workers, the fund-raisers, the COVID check-in assistants, and the young people working in the patient scheduling call centers. Thank you to the music and art therapists, the students who volunteer, who push the wheelchairs and greet us warmly. Thank you to the Unknown Artists who write us notes of encouragement, anonymously, and tell us to: STAY POSITIVE! YOU CAN DO THIS! You are amazing, and you are appreciated. Thank you, everyone, for just showing up and doing the best you can!

Thank you to my family, especially my husband and daughter. She graduated from high school this year and I never thought I would see the day. I was overcome with joy. Though my oncologist wasn’t there, he was in spirit, and I was squeezing his hand…saying, thank you, thank you, thank you. The word GRATITUDE does not even begin to capture what I felt on the day our daughter graduated. It was the best day of my life. Thank you, City of Hope.

**The photo, above, is of a well-written, beautifully illustrated book, for children Pre-K to K who are learning about the seasons of our lives. Young children will greatly enjoy reading it with a parent.

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